Rhode Island - Free Condoms (Condones Gratis)

Thank you for your interest in ordering condoms from the Rhode Island Department of Health. This web page has both required and optional information for you to complete.

The only requirement for requesting free condoms is that you live in Rhode Island.

You can expect to receive a small mailer with approximately 10-15 condoms depending on your preferences.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at (401)-222-2577 or you may e-mail William Lyman at William.Lyman@health.ri.gov

*To ensure this program is available to everyone, please wait at least a month after your last order to request another shipment. Requests sent before one month will not be filled.

Gracias por su interés en ordenar condones a través del Departamento de Salud de Rhode Island. En esta página encontrará información que debe suministrarnos, tanto opcional como requerida.

El único requisito para solicitar condones gratis es que usted viva en Rhode Island.

Si tiene preguntas no dude en contactarnos al (401)222-2577 o puede enviarle un correo electrónico a William Lyman a William.Lyman@health.ri.gov

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